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Ryan Leslie’s “Black Mozart”: Fan Driven Revolutionary Independence From Vienna [Album Review]

We’ve been waiting for the official release of Ryan Leslie’s Black Mozart since the day he left the courtroom over his $1 Million dollar settlement to the alleged retriever of his lab top containing all of his music. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with singles and music videos throughout this process. Live performance videos from different countries all over the world were also included. A R. Les show is definitely worth the price of admission. Mr. Leslie grabbed his crew and flew them to Vienna, Austria to record this gem of an album. Through a 4pm-4am schedule Black Mozart was filmed and recorded between December 8th-14th 2012 .If you were a registered member of the #RenegadesNYC as I am you received Black Mozart on August 31st. ryan-leslie-black-mozart-cover This is Mr. Leslie’s close and direct connection to his fans and followers in which he personally responds to via text, email or even phone calls. I don’t believe an artist has ever been this accessible to his fans as much as the producer/songwriter/instrumentalist has been. Just follow the road from to the YouTube Internet Marketing Guru welcoming in audiences witness as he created memorable hits such as “Diamond Girl,“Gibberish,” “Addiction” featuring Cassie and Fabolous. I have to say if not the pioneer then one of the pioneers to adapt to the open door, all welcome peep through the window to witness how I put this heat down. So lights, camera, action!

R-LES-BLACK-MOZART 13 Live One of the first releases was “Carnival of Venice” which the live performance music video at Irving Plaza NYC and music video, both previously reviewed by yours truly on Black Mozart is a solid contribution. On this title track he doesn’t shy away from his past relationship with Cassie. “Nominated by Grammys/Lame dudes can’t stand me/I only focus on family/My new chick is so hot thats why I like her/My ex-chick is so hot Diddy wifed her.” I have to give it to Ryan, he has lyrics and flow so don’t dismiss the kid. This is a nice piece of work and I have a couple of favorites like “I Love It” track produced by Cadenza and Ryan Leslie with “Bright lights no shade, thinking back to my broke days/I paid dues for like 6 years I did dope beats for like no pay.” Just relishing the struggle to get where he is today basically doing it all on his own maintaining the independent route. The word is the album was written in 2 days added with the events of the lawsuit, this was incredible. Respect the mogul and his mogul movement. He put his fans on his back dropped a fan driven album that will satisfy any R. Les fan and grab some new ones.
Ryan Leslie Black Mozart B:W
“History” is an inspirational song produced by Cardiak & Kyle Abacon and R. Les for anyone trying to be more part of something but be great at something. He even takes a positive swing on the lawsuit with “And I tell the kids, ‘you can do what I do’/Buckle down homie, focus on that High School/Yeah, and I paid my dues/Studio videos got major views/When I lost my court case I made the news/So I guess that was a milli it paid to lose.” For me this was a listen through album. The !Illmind produced “Only The Lonely” featuring Courtney Bennett who angelically and intoxicatingly blesses the hook is a definite banger along with “Green” featuring Fabolous where Les spits

“Class is in the details hidden in the embroidery/And its obvious you feeling me/Turn your pillow talk into a script from a soliloquy/Real page turner, Shades of Grey trilogy/Body language for dummies I’m a master of ventriloquy/Master of the talk game, words my artillery/Master of the “please Ryan, slow down you’re killing me”/You gotta body that was made for the camera/Let me see how it hold up ‘gainst this legendary stamina.”

The 16-year-old talk of the town rookie producer WondaGurl lends her production expertise with Mr. Leslie on “Evacuation.” Now take a moment roll out the music cart, stop playing and pick up “Black Mozart.”

Peep the 25 Minute Documentary:

“Holy Grail” Batman! The Official Music Video By Jay Z/Justin Timberlake

The official release of Jay Z‘s “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake music video was exclusively done through Facebook on Thursday, August 29th. No other music or video source such as Vevo, YouTube, etc. were able to air it until Friday, August 30th. Again there’s Mr. Carter with #NewRules. This piece was directed by Anthony Mandler who captured the dark side of fame. The song itself is what is not so much talked about as far as the ill side of fame and what an artist or celebrity goes through on their journey to reach this position in the game. And at the same time how to cope with the addiction and the demons of this thing called fame. The crazy thing about this video is the Jay Z fan base and the Justin Timberlake fan base well more of the JT fan base, it’s no way that you like both artist oh my, you have to choose sides. Get outta here. “Just nuts I say, nuts!” lol.

I honestly don’t mind the “slow down” of the track in some portions of the video but that’s a major no no to some who’ve watched it. I personally liked the way they flipped the beginning of the actual song starting with Justin on the hook to the beginning of the 2nd verse. Anthony Mandler‘s dark visual of “Holy Grail” meshed well with the song and its subject. And highlighting the Mike Tyson/Buster Douglass fight helps drive the point home. I think this was a hot video illustrating the not so bright side of celebrity. It was pretty funny seeing Jigga lip sync the beginning of JT’s hook too “And Baby”lol. Already liked the song and the video to me gave it new life. *Chopped & Screwed* “Sip-p-p-p-pin’ from the cup til it run-n-n-n-n-neth oooover, Hooooly Grail!” lol

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