As The Rookies Break Their “Spirit of Silence” So Do I

I know, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve splashed on my website. In the midst of school and moving yes I’ve fell off. But what better way to break my silence than with The Rookies. The phenomenal international dance crew from France again with the assistance of World Of Dance blesses YouTube with another classic dance video shot in Black and White to enthuse that classic feel directed by Charlie Luccini. The “Spirit of Silence” is like a perfect marriage as Verbal Click laces the track with Indian Click and The Rookies provide the stellar movement to every flute, every bass line, every snare and every harmony. So Shhhhhh and watch the loud movement of intricate bliss.

From The World of The Rookies: Class Clowns [Dance Videos]

I like this crew because they are comedic and energetic so full of life. Nothing like just freestyling to a hot instrumental introducing each member of The Rookies World crew. Each member holds their own with the skill, flare and comedic prowess in what as a dancer is displaying the joy of dance and the joy of the movement. Makes you want to go back school, right? If only school was like this, the closet thing to the movie Fame and Maryland School of the Arts in Step Up I and II lol. The video was directed by Charlie Lucinni and the World of Dance will be doing a piece on each member so stay tuned!

The Rookies Live Performance at World of Dance 2013

The Rookies who hail from France make their first performance in the U.S at World of Dance. They sure didn’t perform like rookies.

Poison – Bel Biv Devoe
Feuervogel – Solomon & Stimming
Strange – Apollo G’eeze
Broken Toy – Flako

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Snook The Wizard of The Rookies [Dance Video]

This kid is phenomenal, the compilation provided by Vlad Podolski further proves my case. I have immediately become fan of Snook The Wizard. His Electro Dance and choreography is sick. His arm puzzles are his magic wand out to do damage. The youngest of The Rookies, Snook doesn’t come across as wet behind the ears. He is one of the choreographers of the crew with great imagination and paints a picture. His wizardry is just that an infusion of magical movement accented with pure fun shining through eat thread of steps. And think this is just the tip of the iceberg for The Wizard known as Snook he go nothing but grow from here on out.

Snook (SFK) – Compilation | By VladPodolski :


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