Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”: There’s Levels To This S**t! [Music Review]

Jay-Z-MagnaCartaHolyGrail Black The set-up, the anticipation, the timing and the promotion was ridiculous. I’m sorry if you’re going to drop an album, drop that sh** with FunkMaster Flex bombs droppin’ from here to Baghdad (Shout Out To Outkast) and that’s exactly how Jigga did it on Hot 97 before July 4th, the official chance to download the album for free with Samsung Galaxy products. The intricacy of the release was definitely “so covert that it was overt” as if it was an operation headed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers. How Jay-Z managed to pull off a Win-Win deal with Samsung was only how the God MC “shows you how to move in a room full of Vultures.” It’s like Hov still on the block over on Marcy movin’ product but instead of that white it’s that crack music and mobile device apps. Even the date of July 4th was brilliant in the fact that it was the Holiday, about 5 days to get into the album, talk about it, quote lyrics, parlay about it at the cookouts/pool parties and almost 7 days before you can actually purchase the download or physical CD. Got to give it up to his Roc Nation marketing team with Scavenger Hunts in Brooklyn and Samsung for taking this “New Rules” approach.

Magna Carta Cathedral Please believe that Hova easily picked yesterday to go on a full fledge Twitter Q&A with the fans answering most of his mentions to milk the last promotional opportunity for those who didn’t have Samsung Galaxy products that were going to purchase the CD today July 9th from record stores, Best Buys, Targets and iTunes. “He’s not a Businessman, he’s a Business man!” I have to say this, on “Holy Grail” Justin Timberlake puts his foot into the hook. I haven’t heard JT go in like that in a minute. Mr. Carter kicks perspective on the love for fame and give it up but some part of you wants to be normal unfortunately fame is “helluava drug.” And yes I’m about to do the unprecedented and confess something…..I had that “Part II (On The Run)” featuring Beyonce aka Mrs. Carter on repeat for a couple of plays lol. I don’t know about anybody else but I believe this was a great sequel to “Bonnie & Clyde ’03.” It’s a smoother more matured version than the original. It shows although things are different but still stays the same. Bey straight stays in the R&B lane as that ride or die chick on this track produced by Timbaland and Jerome”Jroc” Harmon. Mr. Carter spits that good girl fell in love with a bad boy cliche “I been wilding since a juvi/She was a good girl till she knew me/Now she is in the drop bussin’ a U’ee.” Beyonce: “I hear sirens while we make love/Loud as hell but they don’t know/They’re nowhere near us/I will hold your heart and your gun/I don’t care if they come, noooo” aka cuffing season.

Magna Hov On Bldg If you had one studio session that you could be a witness to this would be one of them for the track “BBC” produced by Pharrell Williams. This club banger features the Rat Pack of Nas, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Swizz Beats, Timbaland and Pharrell just to be a fly on the wall to witness the creative process for this joint. These two King MCs took me back to that 80’s/90’s D-Boy Billionaire flow talkin’ that, Nas: “Bally shoes, Gucci sneakers
Pharrell’s a pharaoh, peep the features/Unlaced Adidas/Top of the world like pyramids in Giza/Fila sweats, 88 I rocked a mock neck/Carried a nine in my projects/Bucket hat EPMD cassettes.”
And to take the flow like a handoff from the Quarterback Jigga burst through the line with “Rope chains, Rakim and Eric B/Bought my sidekicks Suzuki Jeeps and Cherokees/Hoop earrings/Coupes with the rear cameras/Put that bitch in a cherry M3/I’m not ya average dope dealer/Silver Toyotas four runners and four wheelers/Me and Teflon Q45 infinite/Windows tinted/White girl all up in it/Britney,b**ch/MCM seats buck 50 stitch.” S dot opens up again about his daughter the Notorious B.I.C. Blu Ivy on “Jay-Z Blue” including some Notorious B.I.G. sample from “My Downfall.” The exerts from “Mommie Dearest” just accents the song. “Picasso Baby” is that classic big boy Basquiat flow with that Timbo crank up. The toxic and laced Timbo track with JRoc “Tom Ford” extends the “Suit & Tie” movement infectiously. So I don’t want to see no TF tee-shirts and belt buckles because Tom Ford don’t make those lol. It was a buzz before the album dropped that Raekwon would feature on the album and to me that song would’ve been “Heaven” so it would be an injustice if the Chef isn’t on the remix because Hov kills it but Raekwon is written all over this one. The 16 year old Ebony “Wondagurl” Oshunrinde gets production credits on this gritty track “Crown” which is that reminder that Hov is still well equipped to defend the throne. “SomeWhereInAmerica” if you’ve been under a rock, ignited a public show of respect to Miley Cyrus for going against the grain. Some other favorites for me are “F.U.T.W.,” “F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” featuring Rick Ross, “Versus,” and “Beach Is Better.” This is a very good album from Jay a must cop for any Hip-Hop fan because he gets back to that but it’s also a must cop for any music fan who can appreciate the innovativeness of this album. Any question if he is still relevant to the game you need to “F**kWithHovYouKnowHeGotIt.”

Will Kanye Please Us With The Controversial “Yeezus?” [Review]

Yeezus Cover & Pic From the minute the title of Kanye West‘s latest offering was leaked “Yeezus”, the world went into a tizzy. The promotion was genius in plastering his music simultaneously across the world on different buildings. And now that we’ve gotten past the promotion and the wow factors, we can get into the music which is “Yeezus.” Mr. West is one of a few MCs in the game that can use Auto-Tune on this album without minimizing the feel of this album’s hip hop expression. Who else can use a drum induced track that reminds you of something played in between timeouts at professional sporting events in “Black Skinhead?” The point is well received with “Stop all that coon s**t, Early morning cartoon s**t, This that goon s**t, F**k up your whole afternoon s**t!”

“New Slaves” featuring Frank Ocean opened up some eyes and ears on the first listen but when it was performed live on Saturday Night Live the visual enhanced and drove the song home. “What you want a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain?/All you blacks want the same things/Used to be only n****s now everybody playing/Spending everything on Alexander Wang. I mean just look at the focus lol:

I believe Ye put together a nice cinematic piece lyrically and musically that embodies his freedom of expression. This album isn’t or won’t be one of the sexiest Hip-Hop album of the year but damn well be one of the most darkest and honest pieces in 2013. On “I Am A God” produced by Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke, Kanye West, Rick Rubin & Travis Scott sparks it with “I just talked to Jesus/He said, “What up Yeezus?”/I said, “S**t I’m chillin’/Trying to stack these millions/I know he the most high/But I am a close high/Mi casa es su casa/That’s that cosa nostra/I am a God!” I feel like “Kanye to the” just didn’t give a f**k how the masses felt or even his hardcore fans on this album. The best way to describe this album is it is straight to ya grill abrasive with no remorse. Basically if you like it you like it if you don’t f**k you because he got “Mind control over some Deebos, when the fans be gone Ye be rappin’ how they like again” lol. West just wasn’t afraid of his dark tracks, his dark lyrics or how you felt about it for that matter.

“I’m In It” is for not another phrase is self-explanatory but still entertaining to listen to. Kanye Red Mask Yeezus-AlbumThe tracks even electronic still contains its griminess,its filthiness, its girth and hardcore drum and keyboard patterns on every track. Lyrically without question just lays into it raising eyebrows without a care. “Blood On The Leaves” is a favorite of mine with “To all my second string b**ches, tryna get a baby/Trying to get a baby, now you talkin’ crazy/I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay-Z/He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy” Love “Hold My Liquor,” “Bound 2,” and “Send It Up” so it’s a must listen matter of fact the whole CD is worth copping. This is an overall electronically bass driven gritty album from a dude expressing his take on somethings without giving a sh*t what anyone thinks. I gotta respect that.

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