Ryan Leslie’s “Black Mozart”: Fan Driven Revolutionary Independence From Vienna [Album Review]

We’ve been waiting for the official release of Ryan Leslie’s Black Mozart since the day he left the courtroom over his $1 Million dollar settlement to the alleged retriever of his lab top containing all of his music. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with singles and music videos throughout this process. Live performance videos from different countries all over the world were also included. A R. Les show is definitely worth the price of admission. Mr. Leslie grabbed his crew and flew them to Vienna, Austria to record this gem of an album. Through a 4pm-4am schedule Black Mozart was filmed and recorded between December 8th-14th 2012 .If you were a registered member of the #RenegadesNYC as I am you received Black Mozart on August 31st. ryan-leslie-black-mozart-cover This is Mr. Leslie’s close and direct connection to his fans and followers in which he personally responds to via text, email or even phone calls. I don’t believe an artist has ever been this accessible to his fans as much as the producer/songwriter/instrumentalist has been. Just follow the road from to the YouTube Internet Marketing Guru welcoming in audiences witness as he created memorable hits such as “Diamond Girl,“Gibberish,” “Addiction” featuring Cassie and Fabolous. I have to say if not the pioneer then one of the pioneers to adapt to the open door, all welcome peep through the window to witness how I put this heat down. So lights, camera, action!

R-LES-BLACK-MOZART 13 Live One of the first releases was “Carnival of Venice” which the live performance music video at Irving Plaza NYC and music video, both previously reviewed by yours truly on Gstylemag.com. Black Mozart is a solid contribution. On this title track he doesn’t shy away from his past relationship with Cassie. “Nominated by Grammys/Lame dudes can’t stand me/I only focus on family/My new chick is so hot thats why I like her/My ex-chick is so hot Diddy wifed her.” I have to give it to Ryan, he has lyrics and flow so don’t dismiss the kid. This is a nice piece of work and I have a couple of favorites like “I Love It” track produced by Cadenza and Ryan Leslie with “Bright lights no shade, thinking back to my broke days/I paid dues for like 6 years I did dope beats for like no pay.” Just relishing the struggle to get where he is today basically doing it all on his own maintaining the independent route. The word is the album was written in 2 days added with the events of the lawsuit, this was incredible. Respect the mogul and his mogul movement. He put his fans on his back dropped a fan driven album that will satisfy any R. Les fan and grab some new ones.
Ryan Leslie Black Mozart B:W
“History” is an inspirational song produced by Cardiak & Kyle Abacon and R. Les for anyone trying to be more part of something but be great at something. He even takes a positive swing on the lawsuit with “And I tell the kids, ‘you can do what I do’/Buckle down homie, focus on that High School/Yeah, and I paid my dues/Studio videos got major views/When I lost my court case I made the news/So I guess that was a milli it paid to lose.” For me this was a listen through album. The !Illmind produced “Only The Lonely” featuring Courtney Bennett who angelically and intoxicatingly blesses the hook is a definite banger along with “Green” featuring Fabolous where Les spits

“Class is in the details hidden in the embroidery/And its obvious you feeling me/Turn your pillow talk into a script from a soliloquy/Real page turner, Shades of Grey trilogy/Body language for dummies I’m a master of ventriloquy/Master of the talk game, words my artillery/Master of the “please Ryan, slow down you’re killing me”/You gotta body that was made for the camera/Let me see how it hold up ‘gainst this legendary stamina.”

The 16-year-old talk of the town rookie producer WondaGurl lends her production expertise with Mr. Leslie on “Evacuation.” Now take a moment roll out the music cart, stop playing and pick up “Black Mozart.”

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Excuse Me Ma, Can I Get To “Know You Better” Omarion Feat. Pusha T & Fabolous [New Music]

Former B2K member and now Maybach Music artist Omarion drops another sizzler “Know You Better” Featuring Pusha T & Fabolous from The Maybach Music “Self Made 3” Mixtape. Unfortunately this won’t make Omarion’s debut Maybach Music album due to sample clearing issues. But this is a nice follow up debut single since “MIA” featuring Wale off of the “Self Made 2” Mixtape and “Care Package.” Actually Omari has been 2 for 2 on these two singles with me. With this joint “O” holds no punches with lines like

“If I told you my secrets shorty would you keep it? You the type kiss me right after I eat it.”

The ladies should love this one, so to get it poppin’ Pusha pushes it with “Let’s start with the basics/Ya inseams whatcha waist is/Nail color shoe size what designer’s your favorite/Trick dollars I plays this couple n****s you played wit.” “O” got one of those tracks that appeals both to the heads and the honeys so fellas don’t front like yall can’t relate to that female in this song. “T.R.O.Y.” Yep I reminisce over her like you lol. No doubt this is a laid back holla at hood cuffin’ season. So why would Fab want to be left out. Mr. Funeral slides in with “Are you single are you dating is it kinda complicated?/Did you hear that time is money are you being compensated?/Did you f**k first night and spend the next day contemplatin’?/Did you focus giving h**d baby were you concentratin’. So yea this is definitely for the Grown & Techie, I mean Grown and Sexy lol. (S/O to Grown and Techie so check them out).

Omarion Feat. Pusha T & Fabolous “Know You Better”

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Has A Clear Vision [Music Review]

JT-2020Image At the beginning of the year the kid JT & Jay-Z got the world searching for Gala and Ball events just to throw on some Tom Ford tuxes, similar to how Jay got the hood pulling button ups off the hangers to hit the club. I’ll have to say that escalated my anticipation on the new music coming out in 2013 from all genres especially since Timbaland & Timberlake seems like they came out of nowhere with the 20/20 Experience. I haven’t been this optimistic in a while so I’m enjoying this right now.

Justin Timberlake is one of a line of heavy-hitters coming this year with new music. The Roc Nation Aviators are connected to the iPod and on excessive use right now lol. With over a million sold on iTunes with the “Suit & Tie” single, JT doesn’t disappoint on this album release. I hear some complaints on the length of the songs but Justin & Timbo have been doing extended version songs since Future Sex/Love Sounds so that ain’t nothing new so get over it. I’m sorry I appreciate that old school instrumentation of songs perfect for live performances because I’m a visual song listener if that is even a thing lol. Mr. Timberlake said that he & Timbaland said to hell with song length, create good music and worry about the radio edit later. Sounds like a plan to me.

This album gives that neo, futuristic and dance soul music with maybe a sprinkle of pop baked into the recipe that will stand the test of time like Miguel’s music will stand the test of time. Few artists can go on a hiatus for six years and come back and be relevant again while still being able to reach a generation that’s not familiar with one of the big boy band crews that hit the radio & MTV. He’s has his own lane like Jay-Z has in hip-hop, and you can tell the music you hear is all about the love of doing it.

The 20/20 Experience explodes with a lovely romantic flight on “Spaceship Coupe” which garnered some twitter buzz. Continuing with that Curtis Mayfield feel induced with JT’s falsetto he saturates “Pusher Love Girl” and “Strawberry Bubblegum” that “It was such a mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow, mel-looooow day” should prompt you to hook up with your significant bubblegum flavor in your life. “Let The Groove Get In” is a contagious party track with a Latin flare, reminiscent of a combination of “Senorita” and MJ’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” If this track doesn’t get you moving you must be wearing a disrespectful music chastity belt refusing to let the groove get in.

“Mirrors” is definitely is a song realizing his epiphany of the love of his life, Mrs. Timberlake; Jessica Biel was right there all along. One of my other favorites is “Don’t Hold The Wall” . It does nothing but get you off the wall while simultaneously telling the story of a female who’s out with the girls. Justin overhears her telling her girl that she deserves better and of course JT swoops in letting her know he’s that hero so drop that zero (Extended Dance Break: Insert @ 4 minutes and 20 seconds lol). Extremely intoxicating is “Tunnel Vision”. Besides the banging in your eardrum, expresses how he can’t take his eyes off of her. While in a crowded room his mental motion picture camera automatically focuses and zooms on her and no else matters. The beautiful and melodic relaxing tune, “Blue Ocean Floor” is definitely block out the world and enjoy the tranquility of the album. “That Girl” is truly his Justin and the Tennessee Kids classic juke joint live piece. On the Deluxe Version are two bonus tracks “Dress On” and “Body Count” in case you haven’t satisfied your 20/20 appetite.

Overall this a straight through album for me, and a welcomed artistic and musical start for the year; magnifying the upcoming summer stadium tour with Jigga Man. Justin’s eyesight is definitely 20/20 and the experience was eargasmic.

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