Back in the Vault: Drake’s & Lykke Li’s “Little Bit” Choreo By: Joseph Ling

Felt like going back a lil bit (yea pun intended lol) with one of my fav choreographers Joseph Ling of Nameless Dance Crew. And of course from the Drake’s ridunkulous mixtape “So Far Gone,” Joseph does another smooth and seamless dance routine on a smooth and seamless track “Little Bit” featuring Drake and Lykke Li. Joseph Ling was one of the dancers that introduced me to this style of dancing in which we see a lot of all over YouTube these days and I must give him props on that alone. I don’t see Mr. Ling on the YouTube circuit as much anymore but it’s always great to go back to the classics and the kid always keeps it fluid.

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Dance Vault: “Something” by Drake Choreo by Joseph Ling Feat. Nameless Dance Crew

This came off as a perfect mesh the intricate motion and flow of Mr. Joseph Ling and another banger lifted from that “set a new presedent” in mixtape the history of “mixtape-adom” lol. A perfect marriage of music and movement, what else can you ask for? It totally looks like this relationship from what I’ve seen is built to last and is well worth going back into the Dance Vault. In this set Joseph includes two other dancers I believe from the Nameless Dance Crew on Drizzy’s “Something” demonstrating the fluid steps and snaps making even the slowest groove a slow groove manifestation of point on point with a little domino effect flow on the dance surface. Comes across totally effortless.

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