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Yep 30 Years of Shock The World : G-Shock 30th Anniversary Event New York City

*Clears throat, catches breath and wipes brow* Ok….I know it’s almost 2 weeks since I was at the 30th Anniversary G-Shock Event at Pier 34 in New York City. Due to the horrific travel debacle I had with Air Tran trying to go to Florida. A flight cancellation turning into me staying an extra night in the city that I love but not really a night because I had to be up at 3am to be on standby to get a 6am flight. *Deep breath* But that “B***ch, didn’t kill my vibe” of the G-Shock Event which part two of two of my Events for the day. So let me start by saying that Casio and its President and CEO Kazuo Kashio kept the event stylish by arriving on a Ducati via the big screen. He spoke about how the G-Shock brand has grown and still growing. And from what I’ve see G-Shock is still shocking the world.G-Shock Black Banner

Mr. Kashio even threw out into the crowd about five new G-Shock watches while sprinkling water from the watches in the crowd as they reached for these gems of watches. This was in addition to the Swag Bags that were given out to Press/Media after the event which included a 30th Anniversary Limited Edition G-Shock Watch. I must say it was a nice package of G-Shock-ism. Along with the CEO there were other speakers such as the Brooklyn Firefighter by the name of Mike Hernandez, actor Michael Marsden from such films as just released “The Butler,” “X-Men” and couple of other blockbuster films. Model Jessica Stam spoke about the beautiful Baby-G‘s for the ladies. Looks like Brooklyn was strong up in the event with Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez speaking sliding in a couple of jokes asking for audience participation for laughter and also in attendance was new Brooklyn Net Paul Pierce. Let’s not forget skateboarder Louie Vito spoke about his line and the perfect rugged watch for those sometimes extreme stunts on the pike along with Stevie Williams being in the building. The atmosphere was very relaxed yet exciting because of the new line of G-Shock watches such as the Rangeman series in which named also a Vodka based drink. I can’t remember what was all was in it but it was pretty good as you can see as me and my fam and fellow Gstyle Magazine writer Jason aka JMillion raised some drinks before Yelawolf and Eminem’s G-Shock performance.2013-08-07 21.50.58 Speaking of Em, they introduce his G-Shock watch that’s coming out near the end of this year called the Eminem GDX6900MNM-1. Besides the great line of G-Shock watches coming to a store near you, the icing on the cake was headlining to perform was one of the great MCs Eminem who is not known for performing at Product release events so you know Casio has mad pull to make this happen. Of course it doesn’t hurt they designed a G-Shock watch for D-town’s own. Anticipation was to the extreme but at the same time felt like the Media and the fans alike were somewhat patient. I mean you can attribute that to who the star performer was. This was a rarity so anyone who was fortunate such as myself and Gstyle Magazine we were like Jigga on Kendrick Lamar‘s “B***h, Don’t Kill My Vibe” Remix, in Jay Z‘s voice “I’ll wait (echo)” lol. You don’t hear me though lol. I know it was a media event but still from most of my concert experience the crowd can get restless while they wait for their favorite artist to perform. I mean just look at how calm and serene the crowd and the stage looked moments before Shady Records/Interscope MC’s Yelawolf and Eminem were to light a flame to the stage. 2013-08-07 21.23.19Yelawolf aka Mr. Slumerican himself held his own and did his thing and was a perfect warm up for Mr. Marshall Mathers. Eminem brought the classics even his verse on Drake‘s “Forever.” One of my favorite moments was when he brought Royce 5’9″ to perform “Lighters.” The performance included “Love The Way You Lie,” “Cleaning Out My Closet,” “Won’t Back Down,” “The Way I Am,” and when you thought the show was over he returned for an encore with what else but “Lose Yourself.” So of course like everyone else I am looking for Em’s album release slated sometime this year. All in all this was a great night for G-Shock and Hip-Hop. I have to say the products from what looks like another strong year for Casio and G-Shock, it really balanced out as far as product and entertainment. In some cases the entertainment can outshine the products and vice versa but that wasn’t the case at Pier 34 in New York City. I gotta give props to Casio and its staff for giving a great show on both the product side and entertainment side and I hope to see you guys at the 40th year anniversary event and thanks for the invite, greatly appreciated.

Some Red Carpet Celebrities were:

Busta Rhymes, Adrienne Ballion, Ice-T, Coco, Miguel, DJ Drama, Melanie Fiona, Sway, Doug E. Fresh, Bryan Greenberg, FeFe Dobson, Ronnie from Jersey Shore, Rosie Perez, Fabolous, Jim Sturgess, Vashtie Kola, John Leguizamo just name a few.

2013-08-07 21.59.25 IMG_2435


Eminem and Royce 5’9″ photos courtesy of Roberto Bayde @R0bSkii of Official RTV @Official_RTV

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“Take Back The Night” With Style By Justin Timberlake [Music Video]

“Take Back The Night” is the first single released from JT’s upcoming sequel to the “20/20 Experience,” the “20/20 Experience 2 of 2.” It’s already a grown and sexy banger and if you don’t feel this has a definite King of Pop Michael Jackson vibe to it if you don’t hear that then your ears must be clogged. Mr. Timberlake takes a break along with some visuals and stage performance from his “Legends of the Summer” Tour with Jay-Z in the Bronx at the New Yankee Stadium. The “Uprising Creative” crew Jonathan Craven , Jeff Nicholas and Darren Craig directed music video effortlessly captures the visuals of JT’s live performance, street performance and club scene. Justin’s dance battle with a kid from the NYC was the highlight for me. The video as a hold made me want to hit the town with wifey and meet the crew at the night spot to dance the night away on my toes. JT just keeps the hits coming, flawless dance steps and kudos on another smooth video.

Empire State Of Mind: Robinson Cano Signs With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports

Cano & Jay-Z at NBA Finals

Looks like the diamond keeps shining with partnering up with Creative Artist Agency (CAA) Sports, Jay-Z launches Roc Nation Sports by signing New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano to a management deal. There isn’t much information yet on Cano’s relationship we think is now his former agent the infamous Scott Boras. Cano will be represented in baseball matters by CAA Sports’ Brodie Van Wagenen in the last year of his $57 million dollar contract making $15 million this year. But for anything else such as the entertainment side Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports will handle that. I believe this deal enhances a better chance of Robinson Cano re-signing with the New York Yankees in November. It is said Jay-Z will be certified as an agent of course first in baseball and eventually football and basketball. If he chooses to certify in basketball he would have to relinquish his small ownership of the Brooklyn Nets. Roc Nation Sports will be its own company but the initial launch will be with CAA Sports. Jigga Man’s lyrics still reigns true, “I’m not a businessman I’m a business, man!”

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Has A Clear Vision [Music Review]

JT-2020Image At the beginning of the year the kid JT & Jay-Z got the world searching for Gala and Ball events just to throw on some Tom Ford tuxes, similar to how Jay got the hood pulling button ups off the hangers to hit the club. I’ll have to say that escalated my anticipation on the new music coming out in 2013 from all genres especially since Timbaland & Timberlake seems like they came out of nowhere with the 20/20 Experience. I haven’t been this optimistic in a while so I’m enjoying this right now.

Justin Timberlake is one of a line of heavy-hitters coming this year with new music. The Roc Nation Aviators are connected to the iPod and on excessive use right now lol. With over a million sold on iTunes with the “Suit & Tie” single, JT doesn’t disappoint on this album release. I hear some complaints on the length of the songs but Justin & Timbo have been doing extended version songs since Future Sex/Love Sounds so that ain’t nothing new so get over it. I’m sorry I appreciate that old school instrumentation of songs perfect for live performances because I’m a visual song listener if that is even a thing lol. Mr. Timberlake said that he & Timbaland said to hell with song length, create good music and worry about the radio edit later. Sounds like a plan to me.

This album gives that neo, futuristic and dance soul music with maybe a sprinkle of pop baked into the recipe that will stand the test of time like Miguel’s music will stand the test of time. Few artists can go on a hiatus for six years and come back and be relevant again while still being able to reach a generation that’s not familiar with one of the big boy band crews that hit the radio & MTV. He’s has his own lane like Jay-Z has in hip-hop, and you can tell the music you hear is all about the love of doing it.

The 20/20 Experience explodes with a lovely romantic flight on “Spaceship Coupe” which garnered some twitter buzz. Continuing with that Curtis Mayfield feel induced with JT’s falsetto he saturates “Pusher Love Girl” and “Strawberry Bubblegum” that “It was such a mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow, mellow, mel-looooow day” should prompt you to hook up with your significant bubblegum flavor in your life. “Let The Groove Get In” is a contagious party track with a Latin flare, reminiscent of a combination of “Senorita” and MJ’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” If this track doesn’t get you moving you must be wearing a disrespectful music chastity belt refusing to let the groove get in.

“Mirrors” is definitely is a song realizing his epiphany of the love of his life, Mrs. Timberlake; Jessica Biel was right there all along. One of my other favorites is “Don’t Hold The Wall” . It does nothing but get you off the wall while simultaneously telling the story of a female who’s out with the girls. Justin overhears her telling her girl that she deserves better and of course JT swoops in letting her know he’s that hero so drop that zero (Extended Dance Break: Insert @ 4 minutes and 20 seconds lol). Extremely intoxicating is “Tunnel Vision”. Besides the banging in your eardrum, expresses how he can’t take his eyes off of her. While in a crowded room his mental motion picture camera automatically focuses and zooms on her and no else matters. The beautiful and melodic relaxing tune, “Blue Ocean Floor” is definitely block out the world and enjoy the tranquility of the album. “That Girl” is truly his Justin and the Tennessee Kids classic juke joint live piece. On the Deluxe Version are two bonus tracks “Dress On” and “Body Count” in case you haven’t satisfied your 20/20 appetite.

Overall this a straight through album for me, and a welcomed artistic and musical start for the year; magnifying the upcoming summer stadium tour with Jigga Man. Justin’s eyesight is definitely 20/20 and the experience was eargasmic.

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