Drake’s Hotline Isn’t The Only Thing Blingin’ [Music Video]

The kid Drake has been killing in 2015. Everywhere from the Meek Mill beef to the mad support of Serena Williams in her quest for The Grand Slam. Drizzy stealthily dropped another Top 5 hit in “Hotline Bling” amongst all the other internet crashing occurrences involving Aubrey this year. This is a laid back track infused with another hit by Dram called “Cha-Cha.” Director X gives you a visual that exudes the musical feeling of Philips Hue Lights to display every mood possible when you receive that hotline bling. The opening with what most believe is the opposite of the 976 hotlines made this call center the official Eye Candy employed office with a beautiful water cooler for even the sexiest of gossip.

I have to say that Drake kept it thick throughout the video no less. But another attention getter was the hit making Canadian’s array of dance moves. What I took from it was Drake really doesn’t give a f**k what anybody thinks because he was the epitome of that dude that be gettin’ it in the club and don’t care who’s around. The kid even gave you a little bit of the Whop (If you don’t know what the Whop is look up Hip-Hop late 80’s) and to close out the video he politely lays his head on some *coughs* pillows. It’s going to be mad jokes about his twinkle toe moves but I like the fact that Drake is comfortable where he is right now and it shows. Anybody seen my celly?

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Dance Vault: “Something” by Drake Choreo by Joseph Ling Feat. Nameless Dance Crew

This came off as a perfect mesh the intricate motion and flow of Mr. Joseph Ling and another banger lifted from that “set a new presedent” in mixtape the history of “mixtape-adom” lol. A perfect marriage of music and movement, what else can you ask for? It totally looks like this relationship from what I’ve seen is built to last and is well worth going back into the Dance Vault. In this set Joseph includes two other dancers I believe from the Nameless Dance Crew on Drizzy’s “Something” demonstrating the fluid steps and snaps making even the slowest groove a slow groove manifestation of point on point with a little domino effect flow on the dance surface. Comes across totally effortless.

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Your Wake Up Call: Drake’s “5 AM In Toronto” [New Music Review]

Drake 5AM Artwork

Mr. Graham hits us with an early wake up call entitled “5 AM In Toronto.” Reminiscent to “9 AM In Dallas” which also wasn’t slated to make the upcoming album. The Boi-1da and Vinylz produced track captures Drizzy on a “look what I’ve done and how much I mean to the game” lyrical assault.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to hear barbs back and forth about “5 AM In Toronto” and “9 AM In Dallas” on which is better, but from my listen these are two different songs. One is at the beginning of his career with something to prove, and the other is what I’ve accomplished and respect my impact on the game. Perfect timing on dropping this joint right after being named #5 on MTV‘s controversial “Hottest MCs In The Game” in which he so elegantly spits “F**k them n****s this year I make Forbes List/ n****s f**k your list/ everything’s lookin’ gorgeous” He doesn’t stop there, a couple of more shots were thrown throughout the verse but I’ll let you figure it out.

I’m feelin’ it but would you get up for “5AM In Toronto” or hit the snooze button?

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