Poppin’ That “Strawberry Bubblegum” By Justin Timberlake With Ian Eastwood’s Choreo [Dance Video]

Ian Eastwood goes back to home to Chicago to film this Justin Timberlake‘s “Strawberry Bubblegum” piece. Directed by Commonless who’s definitely making a name for their selves dropping quality videos. Choreography by Ian joined by dancers Ade Willis and Kris Rhodes displays his growth as a choreoagrapher and me myself enjoy the progress of this kid. Also I can’t go without saying that he chose a perfect female lead in the hilarious and beautiful Megan Batoon. This was a smooth and clean piece as usual. It looked like so much fun just as it did in the end credits with friends and family. And please after you peep the video please read Mr. Eastwood’s comments on dancing and life in general. It’s a perspective that I think people should practice in their everyday life. Enjoy people, friends and family while enjoying your blessings and it comes out in his performance in other words as a whole very inspiring.

Ian Eastwood’s Choreo “The Calm” by Drake is Anything But Calm

Nicely directed by Commonless and of course stellar choreo from Ian Eastwood put together on a classic Drake track “The Calm” from the his infamous Mixtape “So Far Gone.” If you ever wanted or needed a visual of Drake’s version of “The Calm” this was great pictorial. “Location, Location, Location” was so on point for this track and choreography illustrated by the all to talented Ian Eastwood. It’s no denying that Mr. Eastwood is feeling this track because along with his movement he’s reciting lyrics to drive intricate movement home to the masses partaking in viewing this piece. I can’t front this piece got me wanting to pop in the classic mixtape and lace up some Vans and get my step on.

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