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IK Multimedia Announces iLoud: The First Wireless Portable Speaker For Musicians

IK Mulitmedia is at again with what my be another hot performer or music producer’s dream with their latest product. It looks very promising and can’t wait to get a better look at it.

IK Multimedia announces iLoud,
the first wireless portable speaker
designed for musicians, is now available

Now musicians can get studio monitor quality sound
and power everywhere from a compact wireless portable stereo speaker

November 7, 2013 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation apps and accessories, is proud to announce that iLoud®, the first portable stereo speaker designed for studio monitor quality on the go, is now available from music instrument and consumer electronics retailers worldwide. The iLoud battery-operated speakers combine superior power, pristine frequency response and amazing low end in an ultra-portable design that makes it the perfect alternative to studio speakers for music creation, composition and playback on the go.
iloud Red Guitar

Loud and Clear
The iLoud speaker is indeed very loud. In fact, it’s 2 to 3 times louder than comparable size speakers – a blasting 40W RMS of power. But iLoud is extremely clear at all volume levels thanks to an onboard DSP processor and a bi-amped 4-driver array of high efficient neodymium loudspeakers, that provide accurate, even response across the entire frequency spectrum for unbelievable realism of sound. For deep bass response iLoud’s bass-reflex allows frequencies to go down to 50hz, an amazing low end for this small enclosure.

iLoud is the ideal speaker for musicians and audiophiles who demand an accurate reproduction of a wide range of musical styles from rock, hip-hop and electronic dance music, to more nuanced and sonically demanding genres like jazz, classical and acoustic.

About the size of an iPad and only 6cm (2.3″) thick, iLoud fits easily into a laptop bag or backpack. iLoud is powered by a high-performance Li-ion rechargeable battery with smart power-management features that reduce its power consumption so that it can be used for up to 10 hours without recharging. This makes iLoud the perfect portable speaker solution for mobile musicians.

Wired and Wireless
iLoud supports Bluetooth operation for wireless audio streaming anywhere and everywhere from a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphone or tablet for casual listening. For sound sources like MP3 players that do not have Bluetooth capabilities, the iLoud also has a stereo 1/8″ mini-jack input for connecting line-level devices such as home stereos, DJ gear, mixers, MP3 players, and more.

Plug and Play Convenience
iLoud also offers the ability to connect a guitar, bass or dynamic microphone directly to the speaker and process the sound with a multitude of real-time effects apps on iOS devices. It features the same circuitry as IK’s iRig – the most popular mobile interface of all time – and allows users to plug in guitars or other instruments and access AmpliTube or other audio apps on their mobile device for practicing, performing and recording. The input also accommodates dynamic microphones, making it possible to run an app like IK’sVocaLive for real-time vocal effects and recording.

Pricing and Availability
iLoud is priced at $299.99/€239.99 (excl. tax) and is available now from the IK network of music and electronic retailers around the world.

“Holy Grail” Batman! The Official Music Video By Jay Z/Justin Timberlake

The official release of Jay Z‘s “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake music video was exclusively done through Facebook on Thursday, August 29th. No other music or video source such as Vevo, YouTube, etc. were able to air it until Friday, August 30th. Again there’s Mr. Carter with #NewRules. This piece was directed by Anthony Mandler who captured the dark side of fame. The song itself is what is not so much talked about as far as the ill side of fame and what an artist or celebrity goes through on their journey to reach this position in the game. And at the same time how to cope with the addiction and the demons of this thing called fame. The crazy thing about this video is the Jay Z fan base and the Justin Timberlake fan base well more of the JT fan base, it’s no way that you like both artist oh my, you have to choose sides. Get outta here. “Just nuts I say, nuts!” lol.

I honestly don’t mind the “slow down” of the track in some portions of the video but that’s a major no no to some who’ve watched it. I personally liked the way they flipped the beginning of the actual song starting with Justin on the hook to the beginning of the 2nd verse. Anthony Mandler‘s dark visual of “Holy Grail” meshed well with the song and its subject. And highlighting the Mike Tyson/Buster Douglass fight helps drive the point home. I think this was a hot video illustrating the not so bright side of celebrity. It was pretty funny seeing Jigga lip sync the beginning of JT’s hook too “And Baby”lol. Already liked the song and the video to me gave it new life. *Chopped & Screwed* “Sip-p-p-p-pin’ from the cup til it run-n-n-n-n-neth oooover, Hooooly Grail!” lol

Excuse Me Ma, Can I Get To “Know You Better” Omarion Feat. Pusha T & Fabolous [New Music]

Former B2K member and now Maybach Music artist Omarion drops another sizzler “Know You Better” Featuring Pusha T & Fabolous from The Maybach Music “Self Made 3” Mixtape. Unfortunately this won’t make Omarion’s debut Maybach Music album due to sample clearing issues. But this is a nice follow up debut single since “MIA” featuring Wale off of the “Self Made 2” Mixtape and “Care Package.” Actually Omari has been 2 for 2 on these two singles with me. With this joint “O” holds no punches with lines like

“If I told you my secrets shorty would you keep it? You the type kiss me right after I eat it.”

The ladies should love this one, so to get it poppin’ Pusha pushes it with “Let’s start with the basics/Ya inseams whatcha waist is/Nail color shoe size what designer’s your favorite/Trick dollars I plays this couple n****s you played wit.” “O” got one of those tracks that appeals both to the heads and the honeys so fellas don’t front like yall can’t relate to that female in this song. “T.R.O.Y.” Yep I reminisce over her like you lol. No doubt this is a laid back holla at hood cuffin’ season. So why would Fab want to be left out. Mr. Funeral slides in with “Are you single are you dating is it kinda complicated?/Did you hear that time is money are you being compensated?/Did you f**k first night and spend the next day contemplatin’?/Did you focus giving h**d baby were you concentratin’. So yea this is definitely for the Grown & Techie, I mean Grown and Sexy lol. (S/O to Grown and Techie so check them out).

Omarion Feat. Pusha T & Fabolous “Know You Better”

Meridian Explorer USB DAC: Small Device With A Big Sound [Review]


As you put it in gear straight out the gate this small device smacks your eardrums with high quality crisp sound as if the symphony, mixing board, band or DJ was set up in your living room. The Meridian Explorer USB DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) accompanies its great sound with an attractive sleek silver device with 3 white LED lights. I must admit I was surprised about what clean sound came out of this small USB device. First and foremost it wasn’t the smoothest transition for me to set this up because I was just looking at the DAC like what can this possibly do lol. So I plugged it into my MacBook Pro via USB cord and plugged in the Sennheiser Momentum headphones into the headphone port on the Explorer. And “Vwah-la!” an eargasmic flow of sound travels through the headphones allowing me to hear every instrument as if I had front seat at Carnegie hall.

This device enhances the quality of any sound system from a PC, laptop or anything USB compatible with high-resolution sounds of any genre of music. Whether you want to listen to your music via iTunes, Spotify®, YouTube® or a High Resolution downloaded file the Meridian Explorer DAC gives you the feel listening to a great sound to an extraordinary sound tripled over. The Explorer’s operating system drives the analogue volume control which helps incorporate the full digital resolution. meridian-04The USB cable that is accompanied with the device is short and not long like an old school telephone cord. Because it connects to your computer using the USB cable and not directly into your laptop there’s no danger of damaging the computer motherboard in case you accidentally walk off with your headphones on in which I’ve done many times. Don’t front like I’m the only one lol. Once you hear music through the Explorer you’re not going to want to listen to music in your headphones at home ever again. That is how great the sound is and puts in a place where it’s just you and the music. If you like listening to great sounding music as an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, you need to cop the Meridian Explorer.

Featured Specs

USB mini type B.

3.5mm combination analogue/digital jack with mini Toslink digital optical 3.5mm jack with variable-level headphone output, 130mW into 16 Ohm.

Extruded Aluminium shell with moulded plastic endcaps and rubber foot.

USB, nominal 5V at <500mA.

Three white LEDs show connected state and audio stream rate.


  • USB audio class compliant 2.0 HS 480Mb/s bandwidth.
  • Asynchronous: device is the clock source for high quality.
  • Firmware upgrade via USB.
  • Windows drivers provided, no drivers required for Macintosh OS X or Linux.
  • Analogue volume control for headphone output, controlled from PC, control law modified to match connected OS.
  • S/PDIF output downsamples 4x (192/176.4kHz) to 2x (96/88.2kHz).

What is a DAC?

For those of you unfamiliar with DAC’s or Digital to Analogue Converter they are usually found in CD players, digital music players, and PC sound cards. But specialist standalone DAC’s such as the Meridian Explorer take the digital output of a compatible CD player or dedicated transport (which is basically a CD player with no internal DAC) and convert the signal into an analog line-level output that can then be fed into an amplifier to drive speakers. Meridian Replaces your computer’s sound card so you’ll you’ll experience significantly higher sound quality.

Final Thoughts

Using the Explorer will definitely change how you listen to music. It’s convenient and portable being the size of a USB stick and also using a short USB cable instead of plugging straight into the computer like a dongle so there’s no danger of damaging the computer motherboard if you accidentally walk off with your headphones on. Instead of a plastic box, Explorer has a sturdy aluminium enclosure, reducing noise and interference as well as allowing it to withstand life on the move.

Where most DACs simply alter the digital signal going into them, so the quieter you listen, the lower the quality. Explorer uses an analogue volume control, driven from the operating system, so you always enjoy the full digital resolution. Once you experience the superb sound quality of the Explorer you will never want to listen to music without it again.

You can place an order for one today on the Meridian Audio site list price is $299. A very worthwhile investment for any level of audiophile.

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