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Drake’s Hotline Isn’t The Only Thing Blingin’ [Music Video]

The kid Drake has been killing in 2015. Everywhere from the Meek Mill beef to the mad support of Serena Williams in her quest for The Grand Slam. Drizzy stealthily dropped another Top 5 hit in “Hotline Bling” amongst all the other internet crashing occurrences involving Aubrey this year. This is a laid back track infused with another hit by Dram called “Cha-Cha.” Director X gives you a visual that exudes the musical feeling of Philips Hue Lights to display every mood possible when you receive that hotline bling. The opening with what most believe is the opposite of the 976 hotlines made this call center the official Eye Candy employed office with a beautiful water cooler for even the sexiest of gossip.

I have to say that Drake kept it thick throughout the video no less. But another attention getter was the hit making Canadian’s array of dance moves. What I took from it was Drake really doesn’t give a f**k what anybody thinks because he was the epitome of that dude that be gettin’ it in the club and don’t care who’s around. The kid even gave you a little bit of the Whop (If you don’t know what the Whop is look up Hip-Hop late 80’s) and to close out the video he politely lays his head on some *coughs* pillows. It’s going to be mad jokes about his twinkle toe moves but I like the fact that Drake is comfortable where he is right now and it shows. Anybody seen my celly?

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As The Rookies Break Their “Spirit of Silence” So Do I

I know, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve splashed on my website. In the midst of school and moving yes I’ve fell off. But what better way to break my silence than with The Rookies. The phenomenal international dance crew from France again with the assistance of World Of Dance blesses YouTube with another classic dance video shot in Black and White to enthuse that classic feel directed by Charlie Luccini. The “Spirit of Silence” is like a perfect marriage as Verbal Click laces the track with Indian Click and The Rookies provide the stellar movement to every flute, every bass line, every snare and every harmony. So Shhhhhh and watch the loud movement of intricate bliss.

Quality Wireless Bluetooth You Say?! Jabra Sport Wireless On The Come Up [Review]

Jabra Sport Wireless Box
Excuse the hiatus, school is kicking my a** right now but I couldn’t wait to get to these Jabra Sport Wireless Headsets. I must admit on the Bluetooth side of the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones I wasn’t looking for extraordinary sound quality. Then again at that point there weren’t too many Bluetooth Headset music devices that were up to par as far as talking on your phone and listening to music exuding quality. So now I’m back to hitting the gym since I feel like I went Beastie Boys on myself “Let it flow, let yourself go!” The “tilt, tight, tuck” is back in full effect. From first look I assumed of course Jabra Sport Wireless would be great for running but I was a little concerned if they would hold up in a vigorous workout in the gym. It’s nothing like working out and not worrying about wires and cords impeding your progress. So I took on the challenge and politely took these wireless gems to assist in my workout using my LG G2 Smartphone.
Jabra SPORT + Wireless Bluetooth

Jabra boast how the Jabra Sport Wireless is the perfect gift for someone who loves working out. “World class wireless, tested to the extreme, powerful bass and locks in – won’t fall out.” And gosh darn it they weren’t lying I tell ya! These are by far the best Bluetooth Wireless headphones I’ve used so far with a great battery life. My complaint for most Bluetooth headsets was that they weren’t as loud and the quality sucked. But these babies are hitting on all cylinders. The sound quality is on point and bass is energizing especially for a Bluetooth device. These are even messing with the typical wired headsets you see the masses wearing in the gym. There is so much clarity when taking a phone call in the middle of your workout. The momentary pause in music doesn’t miss a beat in your workout, music or conversation. I was pouring with sweat and the Jabra Sport Wireless didn’t pop out. Kick the dumbbells out my hands and tickle me impressed. (Yeah, I just said that, so lets move on.)
Jabra Sport Wireless Open Box
The wireless stereo sound is ridiculous. The FM stereo FM button turns on that turns on the radio is a beautiful added bonus that allows quality stereo sound of your favorite radio station in your area. You can turn volume up or down, skip tracks, answer or end calls and play or pause music on the comfortable right earpiece. Jabra went all G.I. Joe on these earphones with a Military standard Shock Protection tested to the extreme and what maybe overlooked but wasn’t, the Sport Wireless are dust, rain and wind noise protected with wind shielded microphone. You can charge the headset via Micro USB with its charging port. Jabra Sport Wireless also has different Comfort Eargels that molds to the ear allowing all day comfort. An also added cool feature is the wrinkle-free Nano-Coated flat cable. In Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz voice, “B-B-B-But wait” there’s more! You’ll get 3 months free of Endomondo Premium enabling you to use the Endomondo Status Button with Sports Tracker. Jabra keeps coming and doesn’t look like they’re slowing down with the Sport Wireless Headset. A definite great Christmas gift for yourself, workout person or just to have some cool Bluetooth headset to have about when running errands. Kudos Jabra definitely worth coping at a regular price of $99.99 or you can a deal on Amazon for $84.98. Veeeeeery affordable for quality like this.

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IK Multimedia Announces iLoud: The First Wireless Portable Speaker For Musicians

IK Mulitmedia is at again with what my be another hot performer or music producer’s dream with their latest product. It looks very promising and can’t wait to get a better look at it.

IK Multimedia announces iLoud,
the first wireless portable speaker
designed for musicians, is now available

Now musicians can get studio monitor quality sound
and power everywhere from a compact wireless portable stereo speaker

November 7, 2013 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation apps and accessories, is proud to announce that iLoud®, the first portable stereo speaker designed for studio monitor quality on the go, is now available from music instrument and consumer electronics retailers worldwide. The iLoud battery-operated speakers combine superior power, pristine frequency response and amazing low end in an ultra-portable design that makes it the perfect alternative to studio speakers for music creation, composition and playback on the go.
iloud Red Guitar

Loud and Clear
The iLoud speaker is indeed very loud. In fact, it’s 2 to 3 times louder than comparable size speakers – a blasting 40W RMS of power. But iLoud is extremely clear at all volume levels thanks to an onboard DSP processor and a bi-amped 4-driver array of high efficient neodymium loudspeakers, that provide accurate, even response across the entire frequency spectrum for unbelievable realism of sound. For deep bass response iLoud’s bass-reflex allows frequencies to go down to 50hz, an amazing low end for this small enclosure.

iLoud is the ideal speaker for musicians and audiophiles who demand an accurate reproduction of a wide range of musical styles from rock, hip-hop and electronic dance music, to more nuanced and sonically demanding genres like jazz, classical and acoustic.

About the size of an iPad and only 6cm (2.3″) thick, iLoud fits easily into a laptop bag or backpack. iLoud is powered by a high-performance Li-ion rechargeable battery with smart power-management features that reduce its power consumption so that it can be used for up to 10 hours without recharging. This makes iLoud the perfect portable speaker solution for mobile musicians.

Wired and Wireless
iLoud supports Bluetooth operation for wireless audio streaming anywhere and everywhere from a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphone or tablet for casual listening. For sound sources like MP3 players that do not have Bluetooth capabilities, the iLoud also has a stereo 1/8″ mini-jack input for connecting line-level devices such as home stereos, DJ gear, mixers, MP3 players, and more.

Plug and Play Convenience
iLoud also offers the ability to connect a guitar, bass or dynamic microphone directly to the speaker and process the sound with a multitude of real-time effects apps on iOS devices. It features the same circuitry as IK’s iRig – the most popular mobile interface of all time – and allows users to plug in guitars or other instruments and access AmpliTube or other audio apps on their mobile device for practicing, performing and recording. The input also accommodates dynamic microphones, making it possible to run an app like IK’sVocaLive for real-time vocal effects and recording.

Pricing and Availability
iLoud is priced at $299.99/€239.99 (excl. tax) and is available now from the IK network of music and electronic retailers around the world.

Ryan Leslie’s “Black Mozart”: Fan Driven Revolutionary Independence From Vienna [Album Review]

We’ve been waiting for the official release of Ryan Leslie’s Black Mozart since the day he left the courtroom over his $1 Million dollar settlement to the alleged retriever of his lab top containing all of his music. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with singles and music videos throughout this process. Live performance videos from different countries all over the world were also included. A R. Les show is definitely worth the price of admission. Mr. Leslie grabbed his crew and flew them to Vienna, Austria to record this gem of an album. Through a 4pm-4am schedule Black Mozart was filmed and recorded between December 8th-14th 2012 .If you were a registered member of the #RenegadesNYC as I am you received Black Mozart on August 31st. ryan-leslie-black-mozart-cover This is Mr. Leslie’s close and direct connection to his fans and followers in which he personally responds to via text, email or even phone calls. I don’t believe an artist has ever been this accessible to his fans as much as the producer/songwriter/instrumentalist has been. Just follow the road from to the YouTube Internet Marketing Guru welcoming in audiences witness as he created memorable hits such as “Diamond Girl,“Gibberish,” “Addiction” featuring Cassie and Fabolous. I have to say if not the pioneer then one of the pioneers to adapt to the open door, all welcome peep through the window to witness how I put this heat down. So lights, camera, action!

R-LES-BLACK-MOZART 13 Live One of the first releases was “Carnival of Venice” which the live performance music video at Irving Plaza NYC and music video, both previously reviewed by yours truly on Black Mozart is a solid contribution. On this title track he doesn’t shy away from his past relationship with Cassie. “Nominated by Grammys/Lame dudes can’t stand me/I only focus on family/My new chick is so hot thats why I like her/My ex-chick is so hot Diddy wifed her.” I have to give it to Ryan, he has lyrics and flow so don’t dismiss the kid. This is a nice piece of work and I have a couple of favorites like “I Love It” track produced by Cadenza and Ryan Leslie with “Bright lights no shade, thinking back to my broke days/I paid dues for like 6 years I did dope beats for like no pay.” Just relishing the struggle to get where he is today basically doing it all on his own maintaining the independent route. The word is the album was written in 2 days added with the events of the lawsuit, this was incredible. Respect the mogul and his mogul movement. He put his fans on his back dropped a fan driven album that will satisfy any R. Les fan and grab some new ones.
Ryan Leslie Black Mozart B:W
“History” is an inspirational song produced by Cardiak & Kyle Abacon and R. Les for anyone trying to be more part of something but be great at something. He even takes a positive swing on the lawsuit with “And I tell the kids, ‘you can do what I do’/Buckle down homie, focus on that High School/Yeah, and I paid my dues/Studio videos got major views/When I lost my court case I made the news/So I guess that was a milli it paid to lose.” For me this was a listen through album. The !Illmind produced “Only The Lonely” featuring Courtney Bennett who angelically and intoxicatingly blesses the hook is a definite banger along with “Green” featuring Fabolous where Les spits

“Class is in the details hidden in the embroidery/And its obvious you feeling me/Turn your pillow talk into a script from a soliloquy/Real page turner, Shades of Grey trilogy/Body language for dummies I’m a master of ventriloquy/Master of the talk game, words my artillery/Master of the “please Ryan, slow down you’re killing me”/You gotta body that was made for the camera/Let me see how it hold up ‘gainst this legendary stamina.”

The 16-year-old talk of the town rookie producer WondaGurl lends her production expertise with Mr. Leslie on “Evacuation.” Now take a moment roll out the music cart, stop playing and pick up “Black Mozart.”

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